no longer, but not yet. embracing the liminal space.

No longer, but not yet. Embracing the liminal space.

Over the next month we will collectively experience eclipse season (with Mercury Retrograde sandwiched in-between) followed by a shift of seasons into Summer.

It’s as though we are entering a cosmic wormhole. It can be disorienting and unsettling, but can also transport you into another realm, thrusting you into the next chapter of your soul’s evolution and thus your life.

I consider this period as a liminal space.

The word liminal comes from the Latin word limen – meaning threshold. In architecture liminal spaces are defined as the physical spaces between one place and the next, such as a hallway or other type of entryway. 

Social anthropology largely defines liminality to be the unclear and discombobulating space where someone is no longer what they were, but have not yet transitioned into what they will be.

No longer, but not yet. The often sticky and uncomfortable in-between, a void of sorts that can feel quite bleak.

I have struggled with liminality. I don’t like uncertainty and I always want a road map. I love lists. My mind wants to know the who, what, where and when. I want to make plans and have a timetable. My tendency is to put ‘things’ into boxes – people, situations, etc. I like order and for things to be black and white, crystal clear. No room for the unknown and certainly not for nonbeing. You get the picture.

Somehow over the last year I have leaned into liminality. Actually, perhaps collapsed into it is more of an accurate description…

Regardless, what I have learnt is that once you surrender to the energy of liminality, there are rewards to be reaped. Surrender not only becomes a sweet salve to the soul, but also allows you to tap into the perhaps completely unforeseen and wondrous next version of yourself, and thus chapter of life. 

As many of you who have followed my work for a while will now, my motto is that change is the only constant. We are forever evolving, and in the words of George Eliot: It is never to be late to be what you might have been. I believe to continually evolve and grow with different seasons for your soul and different chapters of life, essentially to always be authentic to yourself, it is vital to periodically be in this space of nothingness 

The liminal space is a season unto itself. It is a space of transition and waiting where the only thing you need to know is that you don’t need to know (or do) anything. 

My cosmic challenge to us all is to lean into this liminal season and see where it takes us, trusting in the unseen and taking pleasure in the process.

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