conceiving with the cosmos

Conceiving With The Cosmos

We all know by now that the impact of Covid 19 has been deadly (literally) and caused destruction in many areas of our lives.

What you may not know is that Covid 19 has caused havoc with many people’s fertility treatments and has had an equally stifling impact on burgeoning (and existing) relationships. I have seen and heard of many people who are struggling at this time with their baby making plans and feeling as though their deepest desires are being dashed.

This touched something deep within me as I know only too well what this feels like. I have been there.

As many of you know I am an astrologer and the founder of Soulstrology. What you may not know is that against the odds, at 42, I naturally conceived our now 8 ½ month old baby boy by working with astrological transits and harnessing these energies – both the exceptionally difficult and opportune ones. Full disclosure, I did a lot of things to help myself – mind, body and soul, traditional medicine and homeopathic, and I will be sharing this in more detail, but the natural conception of our son (and his actual birth) was completely aligned with astrological transits. As an astrologer I know this was not only no cosmic coincidence but I also feel I was meant to go through this journey so I could help others.

So, I want to share some of my story now to help others who are open to working with the cosmos (as well as doctors, traditional medicine and more) to help you achieve your dreams of motherhood. 

But let’s go back in time for a moment. Soulstrology was birthed during one of the most challenging periods of my life where I was experiencing the most intense transits to my natal chart, including a very tense aspect by wounded healer Chiron to my Sun; my identity, appearance, how others viewed me, indeed – the very essence of who I am. 

I was in my mid-thirties, a time in life when society tells us that we should really be quite settled in all areas and have it together, yet my life was the opposite. Everything fell apart all at once. My life was nothing short of a disaster and was destroyed in many ways. Chiron pummeled me hard, but as I healed – through understanding what the cosmos and life was asking of me – I also gained a much deeper understanding of both astrology and life and dare I say, became much wiser. In true Chiron style, my former wounded self not only healed, but also became a healer. As a result of this divine destruction I channeled Soulstrology: the cosmic consciousness coaching program which helped me transform my life and has since helped hundreds of others to do so.

But as any teacher knows, we are forever students. And none of us, no matter how wise or evolved we may feel, are immune to cosmic currents, some of which can be challenging to say the least.

When I got married in mid-2017 my husband and I were keen to start trying for a family right away. I had embraced a new decade (my forties) and so the clock was ticking. We saw a fertility specialist a couple of months after getting married and came up with a plan of action (more on this in another post). I was aware of the cosmic weather that lay ahead, and that Saturn was soon was going to be transiting my natal fifth house, which among other things, also governs children. I also saw the specific aspects Saturn would be making to my natal chart and knew I was in for some serious tests, delays and disappointments. By using future forecasting (looking ahead at astrological aspects) I felt that it may be a couple of years before we got lucky, when the cosmos would be showering me with some celestial assistance.

However, I really wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible and so I dutifully trudged on with the plan that my husband and I agreed to with our fertility doctors, surrendering that this too was part of my journey as an earthling navigating cosmic currents, hoping that we got lucky. 

In the year that followed I had multiple procedures to help prepare my body for conception as well as three failed IUI treatments. One of these was just before we moved home. It was Summer, Mercury was retrograde and I was so busy with the move and really didn’t want to do the treatment, but as we were getting closer to the doctors saying IVF was our only option, and the tick tock of my ever aging ovaries was getting louder, I agreed to it, against my inner knowing. 

I remember lying down after the IUI and wondering, “Is this it? Is this the moment that I have been waiting for?”. I even took a selfie just in case this was the successful, ‘third time lucky’ IUI that would result in our much-wanted baby. Oh, and also because I had really good skin back then and the sunlit room made me glow. #nofilterneeded

Memory Bank

It wasn’t successful and I was disappointed yet unsurprised. I busied myself with our move but soon afterwards found myself back at my fertility doctor who didn’t mince her words. I was getting older; time was running out and we needed to push forwards with IVF.

Since the beginning of our fertility journey, I had a certain aversion to IVF. There were the understandable reservations about the enormous physical (and financial) undertakings, but also the dashing of a romantic notion I had about how our future children would be conceived. But now I was realizing that I had very little choice and that if I really wanted to have our children, I needed to do everything in my power to make that happen. And at that point it looked like IVF. 

I was supposed to start IVF at the end of November, but for various reasons my body decided to do its own thing and ovulate, so we used the last of my husband’s samples to try our fourth failed IUI on December 1 2018. It was now too late to start IVF before holiday season and so it was pushed as a 2019 plan. I had a heart to heart with my husband in which I reminded him that it may take several rounds to get healthy embryos, one of which could be our much wanted baby and told him I was ok surrendering to IVF but I needed to take the pressure off myself, and off us. I explained 2019 was a good year for me (thanks to certain Jupiter transits – he is the miracle maker of the cosmos!) but I wanted 2019 to be the year of egg retrieval and embryo making with no pressure to get pregnant or birth a child until the following year. I needed to take the pressure off, full stop. 

Approximately three and a half weeks later, I conceived our baby boy the good ole fashioned way as miracle maker Jupiter hovered above my Sun, fusing his miracle making energies with the essence of my being. I found out I was pregnant days after the Capricorn Solar Eclipse in January 2019 which triggered my fifth house of children bringing promise of new beginnings in this area of my chart. Fast forward to September 2019 and I delivered our healthy angel baby boy Asher, when once again, thanks to his retrograde motion, Jupiter hovered near enough to my Sun to be considered conjunct – a powerful cosmic cocktail.

There is so much more to my story than the above and I have much more to share in time. But right now, when people are seeing their plans to progress their love lives, fertility journeys and ultimately their hopes for a family thwarted I wanted to share this little snippet to reassure you that in spite of how it may seem, a delay is not necessarily a denial and there is divine timing for certain blessings to come into your life too, including a little soul (s) who is waiting for the stars to align.

Have faith in yourself, listen to your intuition, surrender and trust the process and be open to working with different modalities to help you achieve your dreams.

More soon.

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    Nice work Ambi. Thanks for sharing and very happy for all your successes! I was just thinking of you the other day because in my contract that you made, you had force majure. I should have kept that clause in for the pandemic. Hope all is well! Asher is adorable by the way. He and Sophia should meet up soon.

    1. Danielle, I can’t believe I am only just seeing this message now! Thank you so much for this kind note. And ahhh I remember that contract (and clause!) oh so well. Yeah would have been helpful for this pandemic! Congrats on your gorgeous little girl joining your family. I would love her and Asher to meet up. I will text you!

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