This episode was inspired by the Capricorn Full Moon.

Success and happiness. We are led to believe one leads to the other, that if we achieve certain goals and are successful then it follows that we will be happy.

Ambi explores what success really means, how people’s definitions of success can differ greatly and why ultimately, being successful does not guarantee happiness.

She reinforces her mantra that happiness is ultimately the highest form of success and invites listeners to find happiness on the journey to achieving goals and to alchemize their goals to ensure that their success brings them true, lasting happiness allowing them to really win at life.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Identify your vision for your life in a paragraph. Write down the feelings your chasing with these goals. Write down the things you can do each day to feel these feelings. For every external thing you want to accomplish, what internal qualities do you need to develop?

(1:35) What is success?

(6:06) The inverse relationship that can happen between success and happiness

(6:53) What is happiness?

(7:48) One of the best manifesting tools

(8:28) How to get happy

(11:10) Pain has purpose

(12:44) Success, status and goals

(15:15) Looking at your goals in a new way

(16:45) This weeks homework

(22:00) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: how I redefined success for myself

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