This episode was inspired by the Cancer Solar Eclipse.

In another Alchemy of Relationships episode, Ambi explores the nature of codependent relationships and how we can experience this unhealthy relationship dynamic in all kinds of relationships – personal, professional, romantic and platonic.

She explains how we can identify codependency in our relationships and which codependent role we may be playing whilst encouraging listeners to conduct a review of their own relationships and their own potentially codependent behavior. 

Ambi offers insights as to how codependency can prevent us from having a healthy relationship with ourselves and others and why we need to be mindful of the co-dependency crutch.

As always she shares her own journey and how she has alchemized her relationship with herself and others for the better by dropping the crutch of codependency.

YOUR HOMEWORK IN THIS EPISODE: Audit your relationships to end codependency using the questions we have discussed throughout this episode.

(3:58) The dynamics of interdependent  relationships  

(5:09) The opposite of interdependency: codependency 

(8:58) Questions to ask yourself to detect codependent relationships 

(12:30) Characteristics of a codependent person 

(15:30) The rescuer and the needy

(19:00) What does a codependent relationship look like in real life?

(26:08) The cost for codependency 

(27:15) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: Out of the codependency crutch 

(35:45) Using boundaries to filter friendships 

(37:25) Checking the energetically of new friendships that you’re attracting in

(41:06) This weeks homework

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