This episode was inspired by the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

Ambi explores the idea that rejection is a tool of alchemy which can be used to manifest what is true for our highest good. 

She discusses the concept that rejection is actually just the universe/life redirecting us or protecting us and how we can shift our consciousness to view rejection through a different filter and use it to our advantage.

Ambi shares her personal experience and journey with rejection and how she handled and ultimately found happiness and success in spite of various rejections.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Take each last rejection and review the alchemy of how this actually redirected or protected you. 

(1:51) Endings are often experienced as rejections 

(5:25) Just like death and taxes, rejection is guaranteed 

(5:58) People in the public eye who have experienced rejection 

(10:48) How do we use rejection as a tool of alchemy?

(11:13) Rejection is a tool of transformation 

(14:12) Rejection isn’t punishment, it’s often protection in disguise 

(15:39) Rejection is also redirection 

(17:09) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my own experiences of rejection in all areas of life

(21:28) Having over 300 rejections before I landed my perfect job 

(24:51) My own rejection in relationships

(28:26) This weeks homework

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