This episode was inspired by the Full Moon in Pisces.

In the first of a series of episodes entitled Victim to Victor, Ambi explores the concept of victim syndrome.

Applying her mantra that knowledge is power and self-awareness is key to alchemizing anything in our lives, Ambi explains that understanding and identifying victim syndrome is the first step to transforming ourselves from victim to victor. 

She gives clear examples of the traits and patterns of victim mentality and how we can look out for this in ourselves and others. 

As always she draws from her own experiences and journey and shares this with listeners as well as setting some homework between episodes.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Check in with yourself and see if you are in victim syndrome and to own it, so you can alchemize it. Also, check-in to see if you have anyone in your life like this, so you can set healthy boundaries. 

(1:55) Clarity on victim syndrome 

(7:41) What is true victim syndrome?

(10:28) How people with true victim syndrome look at and approach life

(11:23) How to spot someone in true victim mode

(13:01) Beliefs of those with victim syndrome 

(14:00) Why do these people do this? What do they get out of it?

(17:16) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my experience in feeling like a victim of life

(24:00) This weeks homework

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