This episode was inspired by the New Moon in Virgo.

In this episode, brought to you by Chosen Foods, Ambi explores how we can deal with uncertainty and uncertain times in our lives.

Drawing from her own challenges and experiences with uncertainty she shares how such times have often acted as the catalysts for great alchemy and achievement, leading her to the practice of approaching uncertain times with a different perspective. 

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YOUR HOMEWORK IN THIS EPISODE: Where are you facing uncertainty in your life? How can you follow the advice in this episode to alchemize it?

Repeat this mantra:
“When nothing is certain, anything is possible including: miracles, my hearts desires, my dreams manifesting, magical outcomes I couldn’t possibly have foreseen. Knowing this I embrace uncertainty as a tool to grow, to develop spiritual stamina, to learn important lessons and to be in flow with the process of life.”

(3:00) Most people like order and certainty, here’s why

(3:48) How uncertainty makes us feel

(7:50) How do we deal with uncertainty and alchemize it into something beneficial?

(8:58) Certainty is an illusion in our lives

(9:23) Humility, faith, hope and uncertainty 

(10:40) One of the gifts of uncertainty 

(11:04) There’s true value in uncertainty because of the possibilities uncertainty creates 

(14:04) Sometimes the most uncertain times contain the biggest silver lining 

(16:03) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my experiences with uncertainty and how it’s given me the best outcomes. 

(23:45) This weeks homework

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