In this episode Ambi tackles the subject of manifesting and specifically how we can get out of our way and blocking the manifestation of our desires. 

She discusses how we are all often our own worst enemies and identifies a key block to manifesting and how we can overcome it.

As always she shares her own personal experiences and lessons learnt on her journey.

Inspired by the Taurus Full Moon.

(4:00) Releasing and letting go with the full moon
(5:16) Complaining and how the energy of it seeps into various parts of our lives
(8:03) Lets all be honest with ourselves: this weeks homework

  1. Do you complain?

  2. How much do you complain?

  3. What do you complain about?

  4. Who do you complain about?

  5. Who do you complain to?

Answer these honestly, looking back at the last couple weeks. Note how things are in relation to the things you complain about. 
(9:32) We are constantly co-creating our realities with our words and our actions 
(11:15) We don’t need to pretend to be happy if something sad happens
(12:42) Complaining is not helping us to be the best versions of ourselves or to receive our highest good
(13:00) Complaining is using our creative energy
(13:26) Complaining manifests mayhem 
(14:06) Some people are predisposed to Complaining like others are predisposed to being positive. 

  1. Which one are you? Can you replace some default negativity with positivity?

  2. Complaining is addictive. Are you a bit addicted to it? Can you replace this with a new pattern?

  3. We are enabled by others to complain, misery loves company. Review your relationships and see with ones enable complaining.

(20:33) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way together: My experience with complaining and complainers and the changes I made to turn things around
(25:50) How I took constructive action
(34:05) One last bit of homework: Quit complaining for one week, two if you feel up for the challenge

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