In another episode of the Alchemy of Manifesting series, Ambi explores the power of privacy as a manifesting tool.

She discusses how and why we have become less private and the impact this can have on our goals and lives.

Ambi shares her own journey with using privacy as a tool for manifesting in her life.

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Inspired by the Scorpio New Moon

(7:00) What is privacy?
(8:43) How have we become a society that shares everything?
(15:28) What your goals need most to manifest is your energy, your light, your attention
(15:59) If your goals and dreams have too much exposure to the outside world before the time is right, it can stop them from manifesting 
(18:46) Not everyone has your best interest at heart, even if they think that they do
(20:53) People project their experiences into others 
(23:00) Too much too soon; making sure something’s ready to be shared
(24:34) Twists and turns; when your manifestations go through highs and lows along the way
(26:25) By being more private, we aren’t feeding into the drama of the twists and turns along the road to manifestation 
(32:19) My own experiences in playing with the power of privacy
(42:37) This weeks homework: 

  • Review your goals, hopes and wish lists

  • Review when you’re talking about them, who you’ve been talking about them to, how you’ve been talking about them, when you’ve been sharing about them

  • Review the things your struggling to manifest, see how you can use the powerful tool of privacy to help with your manifestation


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