This episode was inspired by the Pisces New Moon.

Ambi discusses boundaries; what they are, why we need them, and how we can use them to lead better lives. 

She then dives deep into the power of NO and how it is not only an important boundary setter but also a magical manifesting tool.

Sharing her own journey with boundaries and learning to say NO, Ambi explains how these tools have alchemized her relationships and lifestyle and made her life infinitely more fulfilling.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Think about the boundaries you have and that you need to have in your life. Think about how you can say “no” to what doesn’t serve you. Take note if you say “yes” on auto pilot, and practice saying “no” instead. 

(3:01) What is a boundary?

(6:01) The “yes” and the “do” culture of society 

(9:18) The chaos of not setting boundaries 

(10:55) The Manifesting power of saying “no”

(14:03) My own experience with being a people pleaser

(15:24) Starting to say no

(16:05) Here are some things to say “no” to to create balance

(22:55) The positive effects of saying “no”

(23:42) This weeks homework

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