In this episode powered by www.spiritualgangster.com Ambi discusses the alchemy of authenticity and how important it is to be our true selves in order to be both fulfilled and achieve our destiny. 

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Inspired by the Aries New Moon

(5:00) What is authenticity?

(5:53) At some points in our lives, maybe right now, we find ourselves not living authentically

(7:02) Social conditioning vs your unique truth

(8:50) Living faux-thentic

(11:13) What does it mean to live authentically?

(11:43) Living authentically is a conscious proactive choice that you have to make daily

(13:43) Homework: How to live authentically

  1. Be authentic with yourself first
  2. Emotional awareness and intelligence
  3. Regular auditing – checking in with yourself
  4. Having an authenticity accountability partner
  5. Be self approved and self validated

(20:29) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my journey experimenting with my own authenticity in choosing my career path

(24:08) My struggle with my online presence; inauthentically following a strategy vs allowing myself to authentically interact with my social media

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