In an Alchemy of Relationships x Empath diaries episode Ambi discusses energy vampires.

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Inspired by the Full Moon in Libra

(5:24) What is an Energy Vampire?

(7:12) Energy Vampires are attracted to empaths, and empaths are attracted to Energy Vampires

(8:43) Who is an Energy Vampire?

  1. They often have low self esteem
  2. They are excessively needy
  3. They tend to have a lot of problems and drama in their lives
  4. They lack self awareness
  5. They are victims
  6. They can be manipulative
  7. They complain all the time
  8. They take but they rarely give
  9. Energy Vampires can be good people, just caught up in a negative cycle

(15:44) What does it feel like when you’re dealing with an Energy Vampire?

  1. Heavy, low energy
  2. Stressed and anxious
  3. Angry or irritable
  4. Guilt
  5. Sad
  6. On edge
  7. Intuitively uncomfortable, but not being able to rationalize it
  8. You can’t get a word in
  9. Tired and exhausted
  10. Bad

(22:05) Homework: check in with these lists with yourself and with the people in your life and be brutally honest, conduct an audit and review

(25:13) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way together: my personal experiences with Energy Vampire energy, from both sides of the situation

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