In this episode Ambi discusses ruts and how sometimes even the most well meaning of spiritual rituals and routines can become ruts. She shares how we can alchemize our rituals/routines and lives so we avoid getting stuck in a rut.

Inspired by the Virgo New Moon

(2:11) Virgo is a sign that rules our day to day lifestyle and is all about regimes and routines

(2:39) Sometimes all of these routines and rituals can become ruts

(6:10) We don’t need to feel badly about finding ourselves in one of these ruts, but important to recognize since it can be so difficult to break out of it

(7:05) This weeks homework, part 1: How do you know when you’re in a rut?

  1. Every day feels like Groundhog’s Day

  2. You just try to get through each day to get it over and done with

  3. You feel unmotivated and uninspired

  4. Daydreaming will look like you’re constantly wishing you were somewhere else

  5. You don’t look forward to much

  6. You’re likely to be envious of other people’s lives

  7. You don’t feel fulfilled, you’re bored

  8. Physically, you can feel tired

(9:45) This weeks homework, part 2:

  1. Evaluate your different life areas to see where you are feeling any of those rut feels

  2. Make a list of action steps to help you get out of your rut

  3. Ask for help, talk to someone you trust to see if they have any advise

  4. Have a timeline for your action steps from step 2

  5. Keep going – it can take time to get out of a rut

(16:11) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my own experiences being stuck in a rut

(18:11) It doesn’t matter what things look like to other people, it matters what you feel on the inside about your life

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