This episode was inspired by the Scorpio Full Moon.

Ambi discusses the importance and role of rebirth in our lives.

She dives deep into why, when and how each of us can reinvent ourselves and our lives, sharing practical tools and tips for listeners to use.

Ambi shares personal stories from her own journey of transformation, reinvention and rebirth offering her journey as real life inspiration that as George Eliot says, it is never too late to be

Take the time to review what lights you up, drains you or triggers nasty emotions. 
Ask yourself what you would like to reinvent. 
Come up with a rough plan including some of the “do’s” on how to reinvent yourself. 

(2:29) What is reinvention?

(4:05) Why we don’t reinvent ourselves

(5:11) Why we should reinvent ourselves

(7:18) When to reinvent ourselves 

(10:03) How we can reinvent ourselves to avoid chaos being the catalyst for change

(12:39) Rest is the new hustle 

(15:53) Experiment and accept failure as part of the journey 

(16:30) Magic happens outside our comfort zone 

(17:15) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: stories of my own reinvention 

(24:47) Moving to America & the biggest of my rebirths 

(26:07) The vivid dream that lead me to reinvention 

(33:24) This weeks homework

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