EP 60: To honor Libra season and the Aries Full Moon, Ambi is re-releasing the episode Alchemy of Relationships: Reason, season, lifetime. With all the changes in the world over the last 18 months or so, many of us have experienced big shifts in our relationships and so the re-release of this episode is timely to help us explore the concept of personal alchemy through interpersonal relationships and specifically the role and transformative power of impermanent relationships. Drawing on personal experience, Ambi shares how each of us can apply a different lens through which to view loss and change in our relationships, ultimately helping us to navigate life more smoothly.


Ambi also shares one of her life mottos or ‘rules to live by which is that the most important relationship any of us will have is with ourselves, and that all the transformation we go through as a result of relationships with others, is simply so we can have a better relationship with our most powerful soulmate – ourselves.


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