This episode was inspired by the Gemini New Moon.

Ambi discusses the power of speech and the concept that less is more. 

She explains how powerful our words are and how our speech and our communication impacts what we manifest in our lives.

Ambi discusses the pitfalls of over talking and the ways in which we all may be abusing the power of speech resulting in negative consequences in our lives. 

As always she shares her journey and transformation from an over-talker to someone who speaks less and lives more and the alchemy she has experienced as a result.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Evaluate your relationship with speech and communication. Are you gossiping? Are you talking about secrets before they’re ready to be revealed? Are you seeking validation from conversation? 

(1:56) Talking too much has a physical impact on our bodies and health, here’s how 

(2:59) The wisest people we know speak less

(5:00) The Throat Chakra, the link between our inner and outer world 

(6:35) How to know if your Throat Chakra is out of whack 

(7:52) The rewards of balancing your Throat Chakra

(8:17) The adverse affects over talking has on manifesting 

(9:45) The “protecting the little green chutes” theory 

(11:45) Gossip: If somebody will gossip to you, they’ll gossip about you

(13:52) Over talking our unwelcome opinions about others 

(16:41) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: confessions of an over talker 

(19:50) The lessons I’ve learned

(21:10) The seven tools to overcome over talking

(25:37) This weeks homework

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