In the first solo episode of 2019 Ambi discusses how best we can set ourselves up for success and happiness in 2019 with a step by step guide to envisioning our ideal year and setting goals which align with our priorities and values.

Happy 2019 to our beloved Alchemy community!

Inspired by the Capricorn Solar Eclipse


(4:19) This weeks homework

  1. Write a short paragraph with your dream and vision for 2019

  2. From that paragraph, identify your key roles for 2019 (try to keep it to no more than two)

  3. Feeling the feels – deconstruct your answer to question one and find out what feelings your chasing by wanting these things? What can you do to create these feelings right now?

  4. What are your most important goals for 2019? Refer to question one, try to keep it less than five.

  5. List the rest of your roles, after the two in question two, in order of importance. Now develop your top ten goals for 2019, using these answers and those in question four as a starting point.

  6. Planning and structure – find out what smaller goals you can set as stepping stones to reach the main goals on your list of ten. 

  7. Boundaries and ditching distractions – where do you need to enforce boundaries and watch out for distractions so that you can stay focused on your vision for 2019.

(20:26) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my own experience making too many New Year goals and realizing I can do anything but not everything. 


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