In this episode Ambi explores how we can live a life of both purpose and passion. She dives into how we can align with our true purpose and live with passion, while also ‘profiting’ – both financially and otherwise.

Inspired by the Leo Lunar Eclipse

(2:45) Wrapping up this set of Eclipses

(5:12) Not everything we are passionate about is necessarily our purpose

(6:41) Homework, part 1: How can we start to find out which of our passions we can turn into profit?

  1. Make a full list of everything you’re passionate about

  2. Purposeful practical passions: identifying which passions on your list you can turn into practical businesses 

  3. All passion has purpose: how can you incorporate your other passions into your life that you won’t be pursuing professionally 

(12:40) The intimidating concept of purpose, and what it isn’t 

(14:23) Homework, part 2: What is your purpose?

  1. What you were born with, before societal conditioning 

  2. What you’re naturally good at

  3. Aligned with your values

(17:18) Profit: a lot of people don’t like to talk about money, but money is just energy. It’s energy that allows you to do, be and have the best, and give the best to others

(17:49) Passion and purpose alone don’t pay the bills or make a profitable profession

(18:39) Embrace the nitty gritty details: make a business plan

(20:17) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: My own journey turning my passion into a business

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