In this episode Ambi discusses one of her favorite topics: change.

She explores why change, even when positive, can be challenging and offers a practical guide for listeners to navigate any type of change in their lives.

Inspired by the Aquarius New Moon

(4:22) Info and traits of Aquarius

(6:18) Why we struggle so much with unexpected change 

(9:34) A blessing can turn out to be a curse, and a curse can truly be a blessing wrapped up in a challenge 

(10:35) Life is 50 shades of grey, and then some

(12:16) What is key is our reaction to change, it’s something that’s within our power

(12:38) This weeks homework: What to do when you get blindsided – stop, drop and roll

  1. Stop where you are, be still 

  2. Surrender – meditate

  3. Roll with change and accept the things that are happening 

  4. Get help from a loved one, friend or professional

(17:07) By facing the reality of change, you can do something practical to get through it. Get organized, make a plan

(18:27) When something happens, make a list of positive outcomes that could happen and focus on those

(19:22) Negative emotional reactions mess with your brains ability to think creatively and find solutions

(19:55) Grow through what you’re going through; how are these changes making you grow? 

(22:34) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: My experiences with big changes


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