In this episode Ambi discusses the magical mastery of mistakes and how mistakes are in fact actions we must take.

She explains how our mistakes are a powerful tool of alchemy and how we can use them to improve ourselves and our lives.

Inspired by the Virgo Full Moon

(3:45) What is a mistake?

(4:47) Every person in the world makes mistakes

(5:07) How does it make you feel to think about mistakes?

(7:47) The story of all of the mistakes that birthed the Dyson 

(9:20) We need to view mistakes as must-takes

(10:30) Our mistakes are perfect, and what we need to experience to grow

(11:54) Understand your mistakes

(15:52) The first step to alchemizing a mistake is to understand it; the why

(16:35) Learning from our mistakes helps us to achieve true self-mastery 

(17:00) Learn the lesson, mind, body and soul from that mistake so that we can integrate it

(17:46) Learning from our mistakes is not easy

(18:50) Repeating the same mistake over and over can pull you into victim syndrome

(19:32) How to learn the lessons to prevent making the mistakes again: 

  1. Self discipline

  2. Take real responsibility 

  3. Get help

  4. Take action 

(21:20) As long as we are alive, we will be making mistakes. We need these mistakes to learn and grow, and we need to make sure we are only making new mistakes

(22:28) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my personal experience with making mistakes in personal finances

(33:07) This weeks homework: review your recent and recurring mistakes and get to the root of the situation 

  1. What made you do it? Why?

  2. How did this come to be?

  3. What are you not changing?

  4. What can you master so you don’t repeat these mistakes?


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