In the first of a series of episodes entitled the Empath diaries, Ambi explores what it means to be an empath – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Inspired by the Pisces New Moon

(1:53) What is an empath?

(3:16) Being an empath is different from someone experiencing empathy

Homework: Are you an empath? Check with the lists below

(5:58) Positive traits of being an empath:

  • Intuition is everything; their North Star 

  • They’re true lovers

  • Naturally creative

  • Powerful healers

  • Can connect to all beings, even inanimate objects 

  • Can sense what is ahead

  • The ability to tap into other people’s needs

(11:50) Negative aspects of being an empath:

  • Can get drained or overwhelmed very easily

  • Often carry the weight of other people’s energy and emotions for days after the interaction

  • Everyone dumps on you, since you’re a good listener and compassionate

  • Can experience insane mood swings since you pick up emotions from others

  • You can get sick from holding all these energies hat don’t align with you

  • Knowledge is power, but not always pleasant (seeing the bad in others)

  • You’re so busy dealing with other people’s stuff that you don’t focus on your own

(19:48) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my own journey with being an empath

(30:58) Becoming a lot clearer energetically has allowed me to tune in quickly when I meet new people

(32:00) What to expect over the course of The Empath Diaries series:

  • Dealing with narcissists

  • Energy Vampires

  • Healthy friendships

  • Romantic relationships

  • Dealing with coworkers


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