In a ‘Meet an Alchemist’ episode, Ambi sits down with her human design guide, Amanda Green where they discuss how human design can be used as a tool for transformation. Amanda can be found at www.amandagreen.co.

This episode was inspired by the forthcoming Aries Full Moon.

To find out more about the Full Moon or to understand your cosmic DNA better, check out the Soulstrology Membership and/or readings on www.soulstrology.com

(3:08) Amanda explains what Human Design is as well as a brief overview of the types

(7:19) Even though Generators and Manifesting Generators have life force energy, doing something they don’t want to do can quickly drain them

(9:16) How to use Human Design to start to make changes to alchemize your life, especially with the Aries Full Moon

(11:20) Starting with learning about your basic type can help you be able to start making some major shifts in aligning your energy

(12:08) Strategy and Authority: how to reach energetically aligned decisions 

(16:10) Ambi gives some insight on her experiences reaching decisions as a Reflector

(18:33) How to get started in experimenting with your Human Design

(21:29) Ambi shares her experience with finding her identity as a Reflector

(23:46) Relating the North Node in Astrology to the North Node in Human Design, and how it all relates to your destiny which can be found in your Incarnation Cross

(24:48) A resource to find out more about your Incarnation cross: The Book of Destinies by Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn

(25:41) A little history about Human Design

(27:37) Parenting and Human Design

(28:42) Conditioning and how it can be helpful or hurtful

(33:42) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: This weeks homework: 

  1. Journal about your limiting beliefs
  2. Journal about your supportive beliefs
  3. Look up your Human Design chart
  4. Read about your Type
  5. Learn about your Strategy and Authority
  6. Let go of the things that are keeping you small
  7. Find ways to build up the things that make you feel good

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