In another ‘Meet an Alchemist’ episode, Amanda Green returns to discuss how we can each utilize our unique human design to work with our unique shadow. Ambi and Amanda dive deep into discussing shadow traits and how they can play out in our lives.


This episode was inspired by the forthcoming Scorpio New Moon.


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(2:57) Scorpio has the potential to be the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, via bravely diving into shadow


(4:34) One of the most terrifying things is knowing dark things are hiding in your shadow that you are avoiding


(5:54) Shadow doesn’t always have to be bad


(6:54) The duality of Shadow, to find the strength


(8:30) A look at some areas that shadow and conditioning can hide in the Human Design chart and how to transform them


(8:57) The experiences that may happen with an Undefined Head Center


(12:53) Vulnerabilities and awareness that lives in the Solar Plexus Center


(16:49) The experiences that live within the Heart Center


(22:57) A bit about how you may experience the energy of the Undefined G center


(29:10) How to use conditioning and being in other people’s energy to your advantage


(34:29) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way together- this week’s homework, things to try to support deconditioning:


  1. Start a meditation practice
  2. Start becoming mindful of the content you’re taking in because it is leaving an imprint on your subconscious
  3. Guided Hypnosis
  4. EFT

 Amanda can be found at www.amandagreen.co and on Instagram @amandagreen.co

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