In another of the Meet an Alchemist series, Ambi talks with human design expert Erin Claire Jones @erinclairejones on the alchemy of human design within relationships.

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(2:51) All of the layers about understanding the energetics of relationships in the Human Design chart

(3:43) Using Human Design for team building in the workplace

(5:25) Ambi’s experience being over-stimulated around too much constant energy as a Reflector

(6:30) Sleeping alone according to Human Design

(7:51) Some of the recommendations for a family of a Reflector, a Manifesting Generator, and a Projector

(10:06) What is within their charts makes each person in Ambi’s family sensitive to their space

(13:03) Attracting people who have things in their chart that you don’t have in yours 

(15:43) How to best nurture a Projector child

(17:50) Supporting a 3/5 Profile child

(19:34) How awareness around Human Design is an important tool for navigating how you will parent your child

(21:27) Understanding and appreciating our differences to support communication in relationships

(24:10) The role of a Reflector in society

(26:25) Ambi’s perspective on intuition vs society pressure in her fertility journey

(27:53) This weeks homework- taking inventory of your relationships through the lens of Human Design:

For Generators and Manifesting Generators:

  1. Which relationships are lighting you up the most?
  2. Which ones are the most draining?
  3. Focus more on the relationships that light you up

For Projectors:

  1. Which relationships do you feel the most recognized and invited into? Put more energy into these relationships
  2. Take alone time for both sleep and waking hours as needed

For Manifestors:

  1. Which relationships do you have the urge to initiate?
  2. Which relationships do you feel the most empowered to be yourself?
  3. Remember to communicate to support your relationships

For Reflectors:

  1. Which relationships do you feel the most recognized in?
  2. Be sure to honor your physical space and to ensure it feels good to you

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