After a year long hiatus from solo episodes Alchemy with Ambi is back!

Ambi makes her return with an episode on 2020, a year we are all finding our way with…

Ambi’s new book Chakras and Self-Care is available for purchase now:-

Ambi and Jon’s new venture The Alchemy Store is finally open for business. For reiki infused candles with consciousness (and custom Soundbaths) and chakra balancing aura sprays check out www.thealchemystore.com and follow along on @thealchemystore

(3:30) Corona chaos and 2020 astrology

(6:00) Finding our way

(7:50 ) Shifts in work flow

(12:00) Alchemy store updates and new sound baths

(17:00) Financial impact of 2020

(23:30) Fears + Phobia

(26:20) Rituals + Routines

(30:00) Collective wellbeing  + spiritual awakening

(32:30) Relationships + boundaries

(36:20) Cosmic Homework Questions:

  1. What changed as a result of COVID?
  2. What have I learned?
  3. What am I changing as a result of what I have learned?
  4. How can I experience more happiness, fulfillment, and flow in this area of my life?

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