In this episode inspired by Cancer season and the forthcoming Cancer solar eclipse Ambi discusses the importance of owning all your feelings, the alchemic power of negative emotions, and how feeling bad can actually be good for you.

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Inspired by the Cancer Solar Eclipse

(2:50) We are wired to avoid pain and negative emotions

(4:02) Fearing feeling negative emotions on our spiritual journey

(5:50) What are negative emotions?

(10:06) The negative implications of ignoring your negative emotions:

  1. Not living and growing with personal integrity
  2. Negative emotions compound when you ignore  or hide them
  3. Unresolved negative feelings can cause sickness
  4. You can get stuck in certain areas in your life, blocking manifestations
  5. Every single emotions serves a purpose in our lives

(19:53) This weeks homework:

  1. Journal about your true emotions around specific areas of your life
  2. How much have you actually owned and processed these emotions?
  3. What can you learn from your negative emotions?
  4. What actions do you need to take with your emotions?
  5. What do you need to do or say to process through each negative emotion in your life?
  6. Journal how these negative emotions can help you get un-stuck and manifesting in your life?

(26:20) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: My own experiences with negative emotions

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