into hibernation I go

Into Hibernation I Go



1: to pass the winter in a resting state.

2: to be or become inactive or dormant.

It is finally feeling like Fall. The air is crisper and the mornings cooler. The days shorter. Unlike many, I always welcome the end of daylight savings as it helps me shift gears energetically, slow down and embrace this time for what it is.

The season of Fall is connected to the energy of our root chakra and is the perfect time to tend to our innermost needs and the things that ground us. It’s a time to get back to basics: our homes, our bodies and what nourishes us. It is also a time to allow what is withering and decaying to fall away. Just as the trees allow their leaves to change color and drop, we too are encouraged to understand which aspects of our lives are decaying and allow the inevitable process of loss to take place.

We are midway through Fall and I have decided to go into hibernation mode until Spring.

True hibernation is seen in the animal kingdom where many animals go into a deep sleep in Winter and re-emerge in Spring. Some go into a state of torpor, occasionally awakening from their slumber to eat and then going right back into hibernation.

My hibernation plans are to spend the rest of Fall (we have six weeks until Winter Solstice) and the entire season of Winter in a peaceful resting state, ground and deeply nourish myself.

I won’t be entirely dormant during this time, but I plan to do much less with much more intention and presence. I want less to feel like more. More fulfilling, more nourishing, more aligned. And for once, most of my to-do list will reflect the nourishment of my mind, body, and soul.

I have been dreaming of this hibernation for a long time now. This last year has been so intense. Having my baby, writing a book and launching new businesses all at once has been exhilarating, but also utterly exhausting. Not to mention the global pandemic and Covid 19 related chaos. It’s been a lot.

I am going to soak up every moment of the next four ish months to rest, regenerate and make space for all to come…

For anyone who wants to join me in hibernation I share below a few things I am doing to really make the most out of the next two seasons of rest and regeneration.

  • Not doing anything out of obligation – whether this is professional or personal. If I am not feeling it, I am not doing it.
  • Making space everyday to just be. Rather than fitting in work, household tasks and errands when my little one naps, taking the time to just sit with a cup of tea, meditate, read, or even nap myself!
  • Reading. I have three books left on my Fall book reading list and I suspect I will finish these in early Winter.
  • Get back into a routine for my mind/body/soul. For me this looks like weekly yoga and hiking and daily meditation, prayer and baths.
  • Eating in alignment with the season of Fall. Way more root vegetables, hearty soups and nourishing proteins. Listening to what my body needs and giving it that. I am eating organic cheddar cheese for the first time in years after craving it. My body asked and I listened!
  • Getting my body back in alignment. I am committing to a series of treatments with a somatic bodyworker/physical therapist who has come highly recommended.
  • Organizing my closet and cupboards. Donating, selling and responsibly recycling. Creating space and order.
  • A deep clean of our home. Getting into all those nooks and crannies.
  • Filling out Asher’s baby book.
  • Enjoying a family break for the Winter Solstice. Escaping from the city and embracing the new season of Winter.
  • Conducting a detailed review of the last year or so and coming up with a new plan for 2021 that reflects both the shift in my values and desires and the changing landscape of our world.
  • Being in yin/Venus mode. Being totally open and receptive to what the Universe may want to bring my way without me having to ‘do’, push or hustle. Some of the biggest miracles of my life have come my way seemingly effortlessly, but in truth after a long period of preparing, working, trying, but only finally coming my way once I stopped, surrendered, rested and made space…

Memory Bank

Alright, I am off for a nourishing salt bath, to sip on some herbal tea and meditate!

Cheers to the alchemy of hibernation.

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