In an Alchemy of Manifesting x Alchemy of Relationships episode Ambi explores the impact our friendships and indeed our wider social circle, has upon us and our manifesting ability.

This episode is inspired by the forthcoming Aquarius Full Moon. 

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(1:39) “We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with”

(2:22) Who you surround yourself with will impact the quality of your life, your growth, and your ability to manifest

(6:20) The study that shows the domino effect of how the people you’re connected to can greatly influence your life

(8:49) We are so influenced by not just our friends, but also who our friends are friends with and so on

(9:05) The relationship between people’s happiness extends by up to 3 degrees of separation

(11:00) This week’s homework:

  1. Who and what sparks joy in your life? Who inspires and uplifts you?
  2. How are your friends and tribe members doing? Who is progressing on their path? 
  3. Who in your circle is having a hard time? Who is still stuck?
  4. Do your friends’ values reflect your values?
  5. How much are you influenced by others in regards to what you want to manifest?
  6. Who are your friend’s friends? Do you know them? Do you like them? Do you share the same values as them?
  7. Who out of those people you listed above is stuck and having a hard time? Who is still stuck and having a hard time?
  8. How much are you influenced by others in terms of what you want to manifest?
  9. Do your friend’s friends values reflect your values?
  10. Make a list of where you may be stuck with manifesting in certain areas of your life.
  11. Journal about how you feel like you may be influenced by all the people you have listed
  12. Make a list of the actionable steps that you can take from doing this audit.
  13. Listen to the other episodes on relationships (Episode 18 & Episode 33)

(18:51) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my own journey with experiencing the energetic influences of my relationships.

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