Hello lovely ones and happy post Full Moon! 

Yep, I am writing this late. 

It’s been SUCH A BUSY month, as you will see from my High Fives below, but hey ho,  better slightly late than never!

Speaking of the Full Moon, if you are still feeling those Full Moon feels then as always feel free to check out the Soulstrology Membership with the latest Full Moon blogs. 

This powerful Scorpio Full Moon actually inspired my latest podcast episode, another in the Alchemy of Relationships – the freedom of forgiveness… You can listen here or on iTunes or Spotify (search Alchemy with Ambi).

Onward to my High Fives from the last lunar cycle…

1.Baby Kavanagh joy!

I am ecstatic and oh so grateful to share that my husband and I are expecting our first baby this September! As I shared on this Instagram post this baby didn’t come without a journey and we were literally waiting to start our first round of IVF when we found out we were expecting. We literally had a Christmas oopsy miracle. So, so much more to say on this in time to come. But for now, I will say this, this pregnancy has been the most transformative experience of my life so far. At almost 23 weeks pregnant, I have never felt more empowered, more myself (this new emerging version of myself – more on this another time), more confident or more at peace. I am so excited for all the growth and blessings from creating life, growing a human and bringing  them into this world! A privilege and such a journey…

2. Goop!

Yesterday on the day of the Scorpio Full Moon I had the honor of being part of the opening ceremony meditation at Goop’s In Goop LA wellness summit in front of 600 souls and then got to share Soulstrology Soundbaths in smaller groups. So many highs from this day including some comedy moments – me choking on a chia seed whilst explaining Soulstrology (this would only happen to me!) – heartfelt ones – a very sweet GP telling me how cute my baby bump was! (this baby is already getting so much love from the world!) and more baby love and getting to chat Soulstrology and Full Moon feels with the wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my long time sheroes whose book ‘Eat, Love, Pray’ changed my life back in 2008 when I had my spiritual awakening. Elizabeth is one of the most GENUINE and SWEET souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and talking with and in she gave me such good, honest, life and career advice. It felt such full circle to meet her eleven years into my journey when I am embracing a new decade (don’t believe all the bad hype, getting older is amazing, I LOVE my forties!) and when I am on the cusp of so many changes personally and professionally. Being part of this Goop summit was an unbelievable experience from beginning to end and I am looking forward to what is to come. But another ‘high’ for me was that this came from nowhere. Literally, they sent an email through my website to connect with me. I LOVE organic connections in that way and I love when things happen ‘randomly’ as it reminds me that where we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to be doing, will happen, we don’t need to push or hustle or force. We just need to do us, be open and let the universe do its thing…

3. Bring your Own Kombucha! 

I connected with Erica of Bring your own Kombucha well over a year ago and we have been trying for that long for us to speak and me to get on her podcast. Finally the stars aligned and we enjoyed such a great (and candid) conversation which you can listen to here. It’s so fun to be interviewed and I really love being a guest on other people’s podcasts. I also LOVE Erica as she is a sweet soul who shares the best non toxic life tips with a focus on motherhood and babies. 

4. Surrender and letting go of fear 

No, I am not fearless. I probably never will be. But I will say this. As a #virgorising I have had my fair share of control and worry wart issues. But being pregnant has forced me to face many of my fears and to learn to surrender. In the first trimester, I felt like I was living on a knife edge. There were so many tests and scans (this is what happens when you are a geriatric mother (seriously that’s what you get called over 35, perhaps there is an even worse name for a 40 plus pregnant woman!) so many scary statistics and SO MUCH UNCERTAINTY. Even as we transitioned into the second trimester and continued to ‘pass’ the tests I found my mind wandering to a dark place…of the worst ‘what ifs’. But here is the thing. I am doing my best everyday for myself and my child and that is all I can do. I decided that one of the best things I could do for myself and my growing child was to surrender to this process and to let go of fear to the best of my ability. Pregnancy for me has been the biggest lesson in mindfulness and being present. I am told by parents that when your child is born is when it really hits you and you feel like your heart is outside of your body. I can’t quite imagine that as yet as the baby is inside of me and always ‘with’ me. But I will cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, surrendering and choosing to let go, choosing to be in the moment and to be joyful and optimistic has done wonders for my sanity and also personal growth.

5. Soulstrology love! 

Soulstrology.com is now live! It still isn’t fully finished…as we are yet to transfer the Membership over. This has been one of the longest gestation periods of my life, but I am sure, as with most good things, it will be worth the wait! But for now, you can use the site to check the daily movement of the planets, to enjoy daily free Soulstrology Scopes as well as mini free readings AND full, detailed paid readings which come at  a fraction of the price of a private session! Check it out and I hope it helps your soul navigate yourself, life and the cosmos better!

Alright, that’s all from me for now. I am going to enjoy this rainy Sunday…I am wishing you all a beautiful day and hope that these High Fives and/or my latest podcast episode inspire or help you in some way on your journey. 


Ambi x

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