reflections of a reflector

Reflections of a Reflector


– A daily newspaper.

– Periodical dealing especially with matters of current interest.
– Record of experiences, ideas or reflections kept regularly for private use.

welcome to my jour·nal

It’s been a long time coming, but now feels the right time to (re)birth my journal.

Having written my first book (Chakras & Self-Care which will be published with Penguin Random House later this year) and pumping out almost 40,000 words (while integrating life as a new Mama with a newborn whom I was also pumping for during the book writing process – that’s a whole other post!) I remembered how much I love to write and how it is part of my cosmic DNA. I need to write and share my words. And while I hope that my words will benefit and entertain others, I know that regardless of who reads – I just need to write.

For those of you who perhaps connected with me years ago for my astrological teachings, you will recall many of my previously publicly shared posts. And I continue to write thousands of words of astrological guidance for my Soulstrology Members every month which fills me with so much joy. However, writing my first book made me realize how much more I also want to write about. From the magical, to the mundane – heavy, to the humorous, the deeper dives to the superficial fluff which we all sometimes savor. I want to write about it all. 

As a reflector in Human Design, I find myself sampling life through a unique lens, one that I don’t always understand or process right away, but which invariably leads to interesting reflections…

So here I am. Sharing musings on all of life. I am not pinning myself to certain categories or topics, just writing about whatever I am called to, whenever I am.

And so, we begin…

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