Going through a major challenge or a big life change? Or do you want to manifest powerful changes in your life?

Maybe you need help stepping into your purpose, finding your dream job/career, or call in your soul-aligned purpose.

We all need some assistance with these things at some point and I know I’ve definitely been there.

Not only have I helped myself do these things, I have helped hundreds of clients do the same.

One-on-one coaching with me is a personalized, intimate approach to helping you alchemize your life and create lasting transformation.

With my diverse expertise and decade of service in the personal development realm, coaching sessions can include chart reading, life coaching, reiki healing, meditation, and more.

Let me be the catalyst for positive change in your life!

Coaching sessions and mentorship packages are currently closed and will reopen in the new year.

By joining the waitlist you understand that sessions start at $444.

Client Testimonials

The two years I’ve had Ambi as my spiritual mentor and life coach have been nothing short of the most transformative of my life.

Ambi has given me one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given in helping me develop the unashamed, unapologetic power to be my authentic self.

With Ambi’s guidance, I’m well on my way to breaking free from a sense of perfectionism that has shackled me throughout my life, and enjoy a sense of freedom and liberation I never thought would be possible for me.

Leo Seigal

Over our 7 years working together I’ve ended toxic relationships, fallen in love, left a career that was not me or what I really wanted to do, and healed a terrible eating disorder.

I reached out to Ambi during a very hard yet necessary transitional time for me. I was looking for direction and understanding to find a happier and healthier self.

Ambi walked me through my natal chart and really went deep into each part and its relations to my life. It was wild to me that this snap shot of the cosmos the day, time, and place I was born could be so defining in regards to my character and habits. Nearly immediately after my reading, Ambi began coaching me monthly, to this day!

I could write pages on specific life altering moments Ambi’s coaching helped prep and get me through AND moments being on the phone with Ambi during particularly painful times and her confidence the pain was brief, and I experienced deep growth. Ambi has a natural way of communicating, she creates an honest and transparent space, while never judging or lecturing. I always feel like I am speaking with the one person who entirely has my best interest.

Daisy Elisabeth B

Ambi played a huge role in my fertility journey and ultimately in me becoming a mother.

I began seeing her for coaching and reiki sound baths during a really tough time after several years of failed IVF treatments.

Ambi walked me through a 360-degree approach to my fertility that had me making changes across my life. She stopped me from panicking about my age (I was 44), and the warnings of doctors that I would need to use a donor egg.

She read my chart and advised that there was an optimum time for me to fall pregnant and that if I made the other changes to my life that I would fall pregnant at that time.

After four years of failed fertility treatments, I had my last embryo transferred and went to see Ambi for a reiki sound bath. I will never forget her big smile as I opened my eyes at the end the treatment. She didn’t say anything but just gave me this blissfully happy knowing look.

I am pleased to say I had a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby boy at the age of 45! Working with Ambi and her unique approach to healing changed my life and I highly recommend working with her.

Los Angeles

Through astrology, sound healing, reiki and life coaching, a session with Ambi has a 360-degree effect.

Ambi… An angel if ever there was one. She has helped me beyond what I thought was even possible.

With her logical outlook and attention to detail, she gives healing a new identity.

Through astrology, sound healing, reiki and life coaching, a session with Ambi has a 360-degree effect. I feel incredibly fortunate to have met her years ago, and she has stayed in my life consistently helping me with every aspect of it.

My only problem, there should be more of her! Thankfully all the blogs, meditations and podcasts to come on her new site mean I can listen and learn from Ambi every day!

Poppy Jamie
Author and Founder of Happy Not Perfect

I met Ambi in 2019, and in just one session, she changed my life.

I didn’t have an open mind and I wasn’t interested in learning more about myself. Ambi changed my perspective in one session. In that one session, she predicted important milestones in my life that came true years later.

Los Angeles

Ambi is spot on! She embodies her astrology and healing work.

You can feel it when you are around her. I leave her sessions transformed & always love getting insight from her intuitive nature! She’s truly a gem!

Joan Hyman

Ambi has a beautiful way of looking at life.

Whether it’s through her healing, coaching or chart reading, she manages to turn every situation into a positive.

I have never met anyone like her, she has guided me through many situations and always leads me to the light.

Jazzy de Lisser

Ambi is a special soul with a passion for grounded mind-body wellness that is truly infectious.

I have been fortunate enough to experience her diverse expertise with astrological readings, as well as reiki sessions from Ambi.

The experience is unparalleled to say the least!

Kristie Streicher

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