Imagine experiencing waves of deep
healing & relaxation… 

… In the workplace.

Well, this is exactly what I can offer you (and more) with my Corporate Sound Baths.

A business truly has an energy of its own. 

Energy makes up everything and just as we take great care to improve the products, services, processes, and even the physical building of the company, we need to take care of the energy of the company as well – the people.

Because if your employees are…

UnhappyStressed outBurned out 

…It doesn’t matter how great your products, services, or processes are – the company won’t be operating at its highest level.

Happy employees = Better, more profitable company

I know this, because I’ve seen it. 

After working with hundreds of CEOs and executives (both as a lawyer and a coach), I’ve seen with my own eyes that when the employees’ lives improve… so does the company.

What happens during these sound baths? 

At the core, my renowned sound baths are a form of alchemy. We are taking the energy of the person or group and transforming it. Healing it. Uplifting it. 

Between gongs, singing bowls, crystal gemstone alchemy bowls, chimes and more – All of my instruments help transform energy. They can be used for deep rest & restoration, healing & releasing of negative energy, or uplifting & energizing.

“A good sound bath will completely transport you, and Ambi Kavanagh is the best in the business.”


The Sound Bath Process

1. Intake Call

We have a 30-minute conversation about what the company is looking for and what Sound Bath theme would be best suited for your team.

2. scheduling

We arrange a time for the Sound Bath – either in person or in a virtual setting. All payments are to be made in full at the time of booking and my cancellation and rescheduling policies will be shared with you.

3. Preparation

I arrive about a half-hour in advance of the Sound Bath scheduled time to set up my instruments and create the desired environment for our session.

4. Coaching

 I give a short coaching session pertaining to the specific sound bath theme. This will provide the group with powerful consciousness to help guide them through the energetic shift we are aiming to create. Then, I will gently lead everyone into the sound bath through a guided meditation.

5. Sound Bath Begins

There’s very little effort
on your part

and your team/office gets to feel rejuvenated, rested, uplifted, and productive!

The best part is – these sound baths can be done virtually* and are just as powerful.

Take a look at what themes would be best for your team:

Heal + Transform

Feel the release

-Release negativity & stuck emotions.
-Powerful healing and transformation 
-Includes multiple gongs, crystal bowls, & chimes.

Rest + Restore

Experience rejuvenation

-A deeply restful & restorative experience
-Puts your brain waves in relaxation mode.
-Includes crystal, gemstone bowls, & gongs.

Align + Elevate

Raise Your Vibration

-Feel like the highest version of yourself
-Be infused with positive energy
-Includes exclusively bowls made from precious gems/crystals

*Pricing starts at $2,500 and will vary depending on what and how much equipment is used, travel time, and size of the group. Please contact me for virtual rates.

Client Reviews

Ambi has led several sound baths for our MOTHER team at our offices and everyone was so appreciative for the experience.

For some it was their first sound bath, for others it is part of their practice already, but everyone absolutely loved it.

Ambi’s Sound Bath experience brings people together and makes for a relaxed environment bringing positive energy throughout the office!

Lela Becker


Her Sound baths are one of the most unique and beautiful experiences I have had and when she talks about astrology I could listen ALL day.

Ambi has so much insight and knowledge but can somehow relate to everyone’s everyday experiences whatever their situation, making her, in my opinion, the most special kind human being.

Ana Mulvoy Ten


Her Sound Bath meditations are not only relaxing and peaceful they leave you with a recharged body and soul and new way of thinking.

Ambi’s meditations focus on consciousness and just being present. She emphasizes the positive while guiding to accept the negative.

She is a true guide while helping to uncover your best self through manifesting what we want in life and letting go of the things that don’t serve the greater good. I have never met anyone like her. She is the absolute BEST!

Ash Newman

Who am I?

My name is Ambi Kavanagh. I’ve been using sound baths for 13+ years. Not only for my own healing and transformation, but for my clients as well.

I started my career as an entertainment lawyer in the UK and after a spiritual awakening in 2008, I became a coach and a healer.

I’ve never lost my lawyer touch though – I still have an analytical and pragmatic approach to everything I do. That’s what makes me unique!

My sound baths are a revolutionary experience that provides a truly holistic approach. Coaching combined with sound healing helps people alchemize their energy leading to tangible, long-term benefits.

“Ambi’s Sound Bath experience brings people together and makes for a relaxed environment bringing positive energy throughout the office!”

Lela Becker

Sound Bath FAQs

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