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I am grateful for the many blessings I was born with. Good skin was not one of them. I was born with pigmentation marks on my face and discoloration all over my body. Going in the sun exacerbates the pigmentation/discoloration and thus I have to really limit my sun exposure. I suffered with acne since my teens that was regulated through birth control. However when I finally came off birth control in my mid-thirties I and had a terrible outbreak of cystic acne that was not just confined to my face, but also affected my entire chest and back. I spent far too much money on terrible facials that I believe made things worse and resulted in noticeable scarring. Thankfully I came across my skincare alchemists in 2013 and 2015 respectively and since then my skin has improved tremendously. So much more to say on this in posts to come, but for now I wanted to share a few of the details of the skin alchemists who helped me. 




These two wonderful souls have a family practice in Beverly Hills and San Gabriel. 

Dr Sid dealt with my cystic acne when it was at its worst with cortisone shots and extractions. I also did multiple peels and microdermabrasion treatments with him.

Dr Gina gave me laser hair removal, micro-needling (I had multiple treatments) and chemical peels on both my face and body to help decrease discoloration and scarring. One of my new favorite treatments with her is the Hydrafacial which never fails to leave me looking clearer and brighter and has zero downtime. 




Biba is the best! I started regular facials with her in 2015 and she worked on both my face and back. These regular facials in conjunction with working with my dermatologists really turned my skin around. Every facial with Biba is different and is customized according to your skin’s needs at that time. She is also reiki trained and infuses reiki energy in her treatments. From gua sha, to microcurrent facials, peels and more, I never fail to leave Biba without looking and feeling better. She is truly a magician! 

Biba recently closed her private practice. However, you can still benefit from her magic through her range of products that you can purchase online. My favorites are her Holistic Detoxifying Charcoal mask, her Acne gel (using this regularly prevents acne) and her Organic Pumpkin Peel Mask 

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