You Have The Power To Alchemize* Your Life Into Exactly What You Desire

And I Can Show You How

*Alchemy [al-kuh-mee]

  • The magical process of transformation, liberation, and lasting change. 
  • The act of freeing yourself from fears, limiting beliefs, and uncovering what you truly want.
  • The empowering experience of aligning with your highest self.

Welcome to Alchemy with Ambi!

If you’re looking to transform your mindset and energy to elevate your life, you’re in the right place.

I’m Ambi Kavanagh.

I’ve helped thousands of people from all over the world heal past wounds, transform their mindset, elevate their energy, and manifest their desires. 

This includes everything from calling in their soulmates & starting a family, to building their dream business, to finding their soul’s purpose, to expanding their wealth, and everything in between. 

Think of me as a modern-day alchemist – the powerful blend of a pragmatic analyst and intuitive healer who empowers others to create their desired transformation.

My mission is to be the catalyst for your alchemy so that you can create the life you desire.

I used to be a lawyer in England once upon a time, until I had a “spiritual awakening” 13 years ago… 

I ended up moving across the world to Los Angeles where I fully stepped into my purpose as a healer and a coach. Eventually, I even met my soulmate and started a family – against all odds. It was quite the journey, but I was able to manifest what I wanted in all aspects of life – personal, professional, and spiritual.

Now, I’ve had the honor and privilege of helping thousands of people alchemize their lives through my podcast, my book, coaching, and my renowned sound baths that have been featured in Vogue and The Hollywood reporter.

Let’s create alchemy together!

Imagine experiencing deep healing, transformation, and lasting positive change while being bathed in exquisite sound.

This is what a sound bath provides. Energetic alchemy.

…And the best part?

There is little you have to physically do for the sound waves to work its magic. All you need is to lay there with your eyes closed and allow yourself to bathe in the sound.

I’m not saying that transformation doesn’t take any work, but in this particular modality — it’s about stillness and letting go.

With three different themes to choose from, my sound baths can fit any workplace team, group gathering, or individual.

Heal + Transform

Powerfully healing, these sound baths are curated for the deep releasing of negative or ‘stuck’ energy.

Gongs, crystal bowls, and chimes are used to facilitate the healing process, so you leave feeling like a giant weight has been lifted.

Rest + Restore

Calm your nervous system with the carefully selected instruments for these sound baths.

Your brain waves might even go into delta (a.k.a. deep sleep brain waves). You’ll leave these sessions feeling well rested and restored.

Align + Elevate

Infuse your body with high-vibrating, positive energy.

Crystal and gemstone bowls are used to uplift and inspire. These sound baths leave you feeling aligned to the highest version of yourself.

“A good sound bath will completely transport you, and Ambi Kavanagh is the best in the business.”


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Immerse yourself into the experience of my sound baths in the comfort of your own home with my Sound Bath Candles.

Each candle comes with a matching guided Sound Bath Meditation designed to boost the intention & manifestation of the specific candle’s theme.

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Chakras and Self-Care: Activate the Healing Power of Chakras with Everyday Rituals

If you are just starting out on your journey of transformation, check out my book. You’ll find affirmation, visualization, and activation exercises, a comprehensive guide to the chakra system, daily & seasonal rituals, and more.

This was definitely the book I needed 13 years ago…

New on the podcast

Not only is change inevitable, but it’s the only constant in life. In my podcast, I explore how we can navigate change for our highest good. Covering a wide range of mind, body, & soul topics, I share my insights from mystical musings to practical tips.


In the final episode of Alchemy with Ambi the podcast Ambi shares a re-release of one of the most popular episodes: Completions and Closures: Wiping the Slate Clean. In line with the theme of this episode Ambi shares how she is bringing to completion and closure certain chapters of her life including the podcast as…

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